Hurricane, WV home

Detecting Hail Storm Damage

When a hail storm strikes, it may be years before the average home owner starts to notice the lingering effects. While soft metal damage is often more noticeable/visible, the underlying structure of a shingle may not be noticed for years to come.


Hail that impacts the outer surface (exterior) of shingles, ultimately has the potential to break down the interior fabric. For this reason in particular, it’s often hard to spot hail damage. With larger hail and faster winds, exterior damage may also be present. Regardless of the magnitude of a hail storm, it’s best to have your home checked by a professional whenever it has been impacted by hail.

This is a project conducted by Jared Lee of PPG on Stone Street in Hurricane. In this case, the insurance company agreed with the PPG findings and approved this roof due to the hail damage sustained during the July Category 5 hail storm of 2016.

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